Food for Animals and Poultry

The design calls for chickens, rabbits, honey bees, pigeons, and possibly a small breed of goats like the Nigerian Dwarf variety (quail and ducks are also under consideration). All but the bees and pigeons will be rotated around the property in mobile pens to help fertilize the areas where main crops are to be sown (see the Zone 2 description in the post entitled “The Zones”). The intention is to find ways to feed these animals and poultry from the land (or at least from the local Joshua Tree area). It is essential that we not be reliant on fossil-fuel-saturated, annual monocrops to feed them, so here is a hopeful list of possible food sources:


-Leguminous tree beans: mesquite, palo verde, acacia.

-food scraps from the kitchen.

-worms from the worm farm.

Chickens AND Rabbits:

-Cut forage from leafy perennials like the fruitless mulberries that were previously planted on the site as well as mesquites, mimosas and fourwing saltbush.

-Greens and grains from the annual main crops  grown in the swale alleys (plants like      Amaranth, Desert Chia, Sorghum, Millet, Teff, and native grasses).

-Cactus pads and fruits

Goats will only be brought into the system if we are producing enough surplus tree forage to provide the bulk of their diet.

(The pigeons and bees can feed themselves!)



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